Achieving higher magnification in context

As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation

Augmented surfaces: a spatially continuous work space for hybrid computing environments

Augmenting Paper to Enhance Community Information Sharing

Collaborative Interaction on Large Tabletop Displays

Diamondtouch: a multi-user touch technology

Does animation in user interfaces improve decision making?

Evaluating the Effects of Fluid Interface Components on Tabletop Collaboration

Evaluating teamwork support in tabletop groupware applications using collaboration usability analysis

Exploratory study on concurrent interaction in co-located collaboration

Fluid integration of rotation and translation

Gazetop: interaction techniques for gaze-aware tabletops

Going beyond the display: a surface technology with an electronically switchable diffuser

Hands-on the process control: users preferences and associations on hand movements

Hands-on sharing: collaborative document manipulation on a tabletop display using bare hands

How people use orientation on tables: comprehension, coordination and communication

Human-centered collaborative interaction

IncreTable, bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds

Interacting with Piles of Artifacts on Digital Tables

Interactive Environment-Aware Display Bubbles

Interface Currents: Supporting Fluent Face-to-Face Collaboration

Investigating Tabletop Territoriality in Digital Tabletop Workspaces

Keepin’ It Real: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen

Low-cost multi-touch sensing through frustrated total internal reflection

Modern approaches to augmented reality

Multi-Finger and Whole Hand Gestural Interaction Techniques for Multi-User Tabletop Displays

Multi-flick: An Evaluation of Flick-Based Scrolling Techniques for Pen Interfaces

Multi-Layer Interaction for Digital Tables

Object-focused interaction in collaborative virtual environments

Organic interaction technologies: from stone to skin

PapierCraft: A Gesture-Based Command System for Interactive Paper

Public and Private Workspaces on Tabletop Displays

Rubbing and Tapping for Precise and Rapid Selection on Touch-Screen Displays

Shadow Tracking on Multi-Touch Tables

Slurp: Tangibility, Spatiality, and an Eyedropper

Small Group Design Meetings: An Analysis of Collaboration

SmartSkin: An Infrastructure for Freehand Manipulation on Interactive Surfaces

Storage Bins: Mobile Storage for Collaborative Tabletop Displays

Tangible Bits: Beyond Pixels

The Tangible User Interface and its Evolution

Understanding Design as a Social Creative Process


Hello, my name is Dominic Kennedy. This page is about the bachelor thesis i am currently writing, under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Ritz and Dipl.-Designer Tim Bruysten at the Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany. The aim is to improve small group design meetings (2-6 people). It is a concept for a multi touch tabletop computer. Professors / Supervisors If you have anything to contribute, please use the comment form or contact me via email.




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"Resting Hand Gesture"
by Dominic Kennedy